How potable, softened, high-purity and boiler water affect humidifier operation
Water type affects performance, maintenance, vapor quality, and efficiency Water is often called the universal solvent because almost everything is soluble to some degree in water. This property causes water to become contaminated by virtually any material it contacts, with the mix of contaminants varying greatly from one location to another. Humidification is the process of transforming water into vapor, and so it is not surprising that water type has a great impact on humidifier performance, maintenance requirements, humidification vapor quality, and efficiency of operation. There are four types of water used in humidifiers: • Potable water (drinking, tap or well water) • Softened water (hardness reduced through an ion exchange process) • High-purity water (deionized and/or reverse osmosis treated water) • Boiler water (typically treated with anti-corrosion chemicals)